You don’t need to keep it to yourself

Young people may go into gambling as a result of idleness during the lockdown or even because of peer pressure “My friends gamble so I decided to try it then I tried another one and the next and I just couldn’t stop anymore” Most people are addicted to gambling and don’t even know they are, that is why a group therapy is necessary. Group therapy is a really helpful and effective way of overcoming gambling addiction. From my personal experience, it is the best way for gambling addiction recovery. 

While discussing with people who face similar problems it creates a sense of understanding and helps the individual to accept criticism, listen to others talk on what they pass through and the steps they are taking to overcome the addiction and be able to think of ways to solve the Our brains are naturally configured to get pleasure out of some of the things we do. That’s why we survive. Pleasure drives us to hit some crucial day-to-day goals, such as finding and eating food.

But the system as a whole is more complicated than that; it’s not all about tangible rewards. We can spend an awful lot of time pursuing a pleasurable experience that is far from “mission critical” — like discovering how a piece of machinery is assembled, or nutting out the pattern to a sequence of symbols. This kind of puzzle can be frustrating, but the pleasure of eventually solving it spurs us on — and crucially, our brains process the anticipation of that understanding as a form of pleasure.

Chemically, even though we’ve done nothing useful, this is the same reward we get for achieving a survival goal. And it’s that anticipatory pleasure pathway which goes into overdrive when we gamble. It can lead us to a place that addicts call “the zone”, where even winning the jackpot is a distraction from the game.problem.”there is the track, there’s the sound when you win, and you think ‘i’ve received’, despite the fact that you haven’t — you’ve got absolutely lost. But music plays,” she says.

“humans come round and come up with unfastened coffee and appearance when you, there may be that best feeling. But … I suppose the real factor is the manner the machines are designed alters the mind.” These changes to the playing mind can do a whole lot of damage. Being in “the sector” manner being in an exchange universe, in which family and responsibility don’t appear important.

In my wildest dream I never thought anything could be so addictive.I find myself often thinking” why can’t I do this for the most important people in my life”

Gambling ruined 4 years of my life.  However my recovery has been slow and I am still learning more about my real true self every day. For this purpose, I have developed a platform,, where you can find sincere advice from ex-addicts and also share your story to reach out for help. 

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