Online Gambling- A New Face Of Intense Gambling Addiction

Addiction originally comes from Latin, where it is mean “Enslaved By”. It’s true actually because one who has suffered from addiction can tell you about it’s sturdy and prolonged grip on mind and body. It damages personal and professional life and challenges your senses to be reasonable. The world was already suffering from terrible effects of gambling, and now online gambling has made it even worse. 

It’s the form of gambling that alone has worth more than $100 billion. The collaboration between addictive mobile technology and casino gambling has made it more accessible and more comfortable to gamble, which is a matter of grave concern. Yes! Believe me this so right about online gambling; it’s 24/7 availability making is potentially more addictive. It is challenging to recover from traditional gambling and now imagine the catastrophe to an online form of this addiction. The internet is making things all the worse because it has made gambling accessible to everyone in every corner of the globe. 

Even minors who are not allowed to gamble at physical casinos or betting places are gambling through online casinos. It has spawned our youth and troubled gamblers who were already struggling with their gambling addiction. 

Online Gambling Is a New Form Of Gambling Addiction:

Some of you may wonder, how online gambling qualifies for addiction? Let me tell you some interesting facts that I have observed over the past few years due to which I personally consider that it perhaps may be the worse form of gambling addiction. The characteristics of online gambling make it potentially more harmful because a gambler doesn’t need to go to a physical location. Let’s dig out some terrible facts about internet gambling addiction.


One of the major causes of the sudden rise in gambling is that online gambling platforms are easily accessible 24/7, and you can gamble from anywhere. All you need is an active internet connection and no need to step in “brick and mortar” walls for gambling anymore. It has provided gamblers great comfort to play and convenience to gamble without fear. They are distracted by alcohol or drugs and can spend more time on gambling and as a result, loose subsequently higher money than ever. 

Gambling is prohibited for underage and minors. But online gambling has made it easier for minors to gamble without any fear of being caught. You can bet in online casinos even from the locations where gambling is banned. The only option remains in this scenario is self-control, and without it, anyone could fall prey to gambling these days quickly.


Yes! It’s entirely possible these days. A troubled gambler had to watch his back always whether someone is noticing his absence or not. If he spends too much at a casino, then he would be seen. But online gambling is entirely a different matter. Gamblers can play via mobile, laptop, tablet or Personal computer without being missed and revealing their identity.

Anonymity has encouraged a lot of people to gamble in online casinos without the fear of being caught, and it has increased the likelihood of impulse gambling addiction.


Online gambling websites are addictive because they use intelligent marketing strategies to convert more gamblers onto their sites. Some offer exceptional discounts and even free chips to play their firsthand, and some offer to take part in progressive jackpots. The greed and impulse to become rich dominates at that moment, and after that, the person becomes a regular visitor. 

People can easily set up an account to such sites and access their bank accounts on the go gamble at affordable prices at any time. 

Grave Reality About Online Gambling!

Internet gambling is likely to continue growing because the platforms are becoming more and more with each update. The entertainment and recreational level are also booming, including easy to access options. The promise of excellent gambling fun has already converted a vast majority of youth to serve gambling addiction. Researcher suggests that accessibility, affordability & anonymity are three root causes that have motivated online gambling. It has increased the value of money, and among other reasons of internet, gambling is fast payout options, exceptional bonuses and discounts, the ease to play from anywhere and extensive possibilities of betting. 

These days it easy to fall prey to this addiction as technology has surrounded the humans tightly. We live in the digital age and always looking for recreational options. Online gambling is a sort of recreations that ends into catastrophic addiction.

The Bottom Line

Online gambling is severely addicted due to its unique and easy to access fun features. Particularly for troubled gamblers, it’s a new form of escape from troubles. Internet gambling is not land-based, and due to its constant availability, the comfort of play and easy betting, it has affected the immense population in many countries around the globe. 

I am also a victim of gambling addiction, and if you ask me! It’s friendly advice to quit as soon as possible. It will affect your life and those you care and will leave you with debts and sorrows. After recovering from this addiction, I promised myself to help everyone who wants to reach and tell his story & experience of gambling addiction. 

Visit my website, and share your life experience. Be a motivation for others and help them understand that Gambling Addiction is not merely an addiction; it’s a curse to your happy life. 

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