Don’t use Cash while in Gambling Recovery

If you run out of sources to finance your bad habit, you can’t play anymore. Logical!? But what to do? Trust your money to a partner or someone you trust. Cut your credit cards and close the accounts. Under no circumstances should you even try to borrow more money! Let your loved one cover your necessary expenses and help you use your finances wisely.

My partner was taking care of paying all the bills and she was in complete control over my finances. I think that way was only way I would survive and not having cash at all made me less vulnerable to gambling temptation.Having a money in pockets feels good, but living in country where in shopping malls are filled with slot machines is dangerous.

In fact, the situation in Finland is bad.

I visited the city Helsinki with my Friends  and the comment that they made is  they find it strange that there is so many slot machines inside shopping malls. The situation is drastic. Casinos have established themselves in all shopping centers without exception. What’s going on ? Nowhere else in Europe is such a thing noticed.

It’s as bad as casinos advertising themselves as entertainment establishments. After all, casinos themselves produce addicts and their mission is to make a profit, not to entertain people. Total ********. From another point of view, of course, taxes on casinos are high and make up a significant part of the state budget.

Slot machines shouldn’t be in shopping malls, This creates fewer addicts and the problems they cause (family, economic, …)

As you move around the city, look around and you will see what is happening …I know people who have played at least a 60 000 euros in the last 3-4 years. Sadly I’m one of them and  I’m looking at eight to 10 years to pay this off. It’s the overwhelming guilt that hangs over you every single day with that debt upon your head. You’ve just got to try and get through that.

There have been cases where they went to the casino with 5000 euros and 24 hours later called to me to borrow money for food and this was not the only time.

I would ask people to share the experience with gambling addiction and for example, how it has gone while playing. Is there a feeling that in reality casinos are cheating and monitoring your behavior, gaming habits. For example, using a loyalty card will practically never win. Or you can see with your own eyes how 1000 euros are placed in slot machine and an hour later it’s all over. It also goes to the next player and puts thousands  and also literally nothing.

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