Can You Deal With The Problem Of Gambling On Your Own?

Gambling is worst in all forms, but online gambling is destructive in a literal sense. With no monitoring, no limits to gambling and no need of physical location online gambling slowly take over control to your mind and eventually your life. Pathological gambling is the most dreadful of all forms of gambling because, in this situation, the subjects lose the ability to control their gambling habit, which leads to physiological issues. It also activates the brain’s reward system, similar to what happens when the body is under the influence of drugs. However, anyone can quit gambling with self-control and with the help of some online tools and apps. 

Taking from someone who had been down to the same road of gambling and recovered. I would recommend you tend to your gambling issue before it’s too late. To help you guys understand the ground realities of recovery and cope with you gambling habit. I have compiled a list of do able activities that will help you quit gambling on your own with a little foreign help.

There are some hooks that can help you along the way, 

  • Recognize the issue
  • Cope with it
  • Manage your gambling triggers
  • Use online tools to block gambling sites
  • Get help & support

1. Recognize The Issue

Admitting the problem is the first step towards the solution. If you recoinage your gambling habit and signs of your problem, then you can surely learn from them and modify your behavior accordingly. 

  • Signs of gambling includes, 
    • Getting thrills from taking gambling risks.
    • Spending more time on online gambling sites.
    • Use gambling to escape from anxiety and issues.
    • Feeling guilt or remorse after gambling.
  • Consequences of Gambling,
    • Financial issues.
    • Relationship problems.
    • Legal issues.
    • Mental health issues.

Once you understand the grim reality of the problem, you will start thinking about the problem on your own.

2. Coping With The Issue

Excessive gambling can cause personal and professional issues. So, what exactly you can do to stop yourself from gambling? Pay attention to the following things!

  • Change your habits,
    • Don’t lose time from your work.
    • Pay your bills on time.
    • Don’t use credit card next time you gamble.
    • Make a list of your gambling habits and start quitting them one by one.
  • Be honest about your gambling,
    • Keep tally of your budgets.
    • List your debts for motivation.
    • Admit about your gambling and think about your future.
    • Think of what you could buy with all that gambling money.

3. Manage Your Gambling Triggers

Knowing what might trigger your impulse to gamble could sincerely help your way to recovery. These triggers could be thoughts, sensations, situations, behaviors and feelings which make you gamble. List your triggers as,

  • Keep a thought journal and list,
    • Your desire to gamble.
    • Write your thoughts when you think about gambling.
    • Do negative emotions like sorrow or stress trigger your gambling?
    • Do you gamble in excitement?
    • Does listening to music help you forget about gambling?
  • Avoid gambling environment,
    • Suppose your friend suggests about gambling or a trip to a casino. Suggest him some other fun activity to distract your thoughts.  
    • Avoid passing by gambling halls and visiting gambling sites.
    • Avoid encountering gambling environment and betting scenes.
  • Limit your use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Increase your impulse control to gambling.

4. Use Apps & Tools To Block Gambling Sites

These applications and blocking software are specifically designed to keep your gambling urges in check. These apps and tools are meant to promote awareness about the deadly effects of gambling habit and related issues. These applications include,

  • Betfilter
  • The Cassava App
  • Recoverybox App
  • Addiction Alert App

These applications are readily available on Android and Apple stores. The applications are very useful in breaking the addiction and could save anyone from gambling. 

The other possible way is to block all links or access to gambling sites by using some gambling software like. 

  • Gamban
  • Gamblock
  • Betblocker

5. Get Help & Support

When you run out all the options to stop yourself from gambling. Therapy and professional help could probably get you somewhere. 

Explore Social Support: It is always helpful when addicts get attention from their loved ones. It could be an integral factor in your recovery.

  • Tell your family about your issue and see how they react. Call them for support and attention you need to get ahold of your recovery.
  • Indulge your friends and tell them about your gambling habit. They will be a great help to keep you distracted from gambling triggers. 

Join Support Groups: In situations like this, supports groups are always a suitable option to talk freely about how you feel about your gambling habit. It will also help you encounter individuals with a similar issue, and you will feel less alone. 

Concern With a Therapist: Professional helpis significant if your issue is critical and you can’t face it alone. If your habit is severe than probably all of your companions will bailout, and you will find yourself alone in the darkest corner of your destructive habit. Calling a professional for help might be the kick you need to get on your track of recovery.

The Bottom Line

Gambling is a severe issue, and a gambling habit can’t be neglected in any case. You might think that you can control your impulses and it is right in the beginning, but as you play along with this habit, it forces itself upon your mind. Eventually, like a pathogen, it devours its host from inside and leaving a shell with no emotions, will power and reasoning capability. I have been down to the oblivion of this habit and found myself cornered. Though my consciousness was alive, but I can’t seem to correct myself.

That’s why I promised myself whenever; I will get free of this despair, I will share my story and tips to others so that they might get help and save themselves. Visit my website, for useful tips and stories that will motivate you to quit this disastrous habit. 

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